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 EGOs writer Stuart Moore takes to Twitter to tell a special prequel story

For fans who enjoyed Stuart Moore and Gus Storms’ futuristic hero saga EGOs #1, and for those still interested in jumping on with the new series, Moore has a special Twitter-only prequel that is sure to excite followers and prepare readers for EGOs #2.
ComicSpectrum review of EGOs #1 can be read here.

Make sure to follow @EGOsComicZero in order to read EGOs #0, which will be released in a series of tweets that will go live from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. EST on 2/11. This Twitter-only prose story will be told in approximately two hundred 140-character installments, accompanied by new artwork.

“The story is called EXPOSED,” said Moore. “It takes place three weeks before  EGOs issue #1, and features the last mission of the Planetarian, whose death heralds the return of Masse, the cosmic villain of the series. The story is a self-contained mystery—you don’t need to have read the comic to enjoy it. But it also sheds new light on Deuce, the dubious hero at the center of the EGOs team.”

For those following the EGOs story and excited about the upcoming plot twists in EGOs, head over to for Stuart Moore’s live AMA, also scheduled for 2/11, during which he will answer questions about the creative process, the cast of EGOs, and what’s in store for the future of the series.

Comic Book Resources calls EGOs “a great mix of superheroes and sci-fi that feels smart and new,” while the A.V. Club says, “Pairing casual, inviting narration with a quickly paced story balancing action and exposition makes this a highly entertaining and accessible debut.” For more information and art, visit the EGOs tumblr.

EGOs #2 arrives in stores the next day, on 2/12, and is available to order with Diamond Code DEC130568 for $2.99.

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