Fox Connect is having a HUGE Black Friday sale!

Blue Harvest Darkside Trap

More than 200 Movies and 200 TV seasons will be on sale at the lowest prices of the year – up to 88% off retail price!  Get Family Guy, American Horror Story, Dollhouse, The Simpsons and Firefly at up to 93% off as well as all of your favorite movies here:

Offer is limited to one use per customer and select third party titles are excluded.

I picked up the 3 Family Guy Star Wars parodies on Blu-Ray for $1.99 each, I got the 1st season of American Horror Story on Blu-Ray for $12.99, and several other TV Seasons on Blu-Ray for $5.99 each.  Lots of great movies on Blu-Ray, including some really good Bond movies for $4.99 (some of the not so great ones too…)  The Blu-Ray transfers on the Bond movies, particularly the old ones, make them look SPECTACULAR.  If you’ve never seen Dr. No or From Russia With Love on the new Blu-Ray transfer it’s like watching a completely new movie from the one on the muddy copies we’d been watching on TV, videotape and DVD for the last 30+ years.

Looks like some great deals, I wanted to pass it on!

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