5th Annual Long Beach Comic & Horror Con looking good! Nov 23-24, 2013.


Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti return to the Long Beach Comic & Horror Con November 23 and 24. Having never missed the convention, Jimmy and Amanda will attend for the fifth anniversary.

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They return having just finished their latest Kickstarter Project, Forager. In addition to the countless projects they have worked on, from Jonah Hex, Painkiller Jane, Power Girl, The Monolith, to The Last Resort, and many other titles, they have joined forces to bring us DC’s Harley Quinn #1.

“We couldn’t be more proud to have Jimmy and Amanda at the show for the fifth consecutive year. They are those special kinds of creators who deliver energy to the show every year. And the fact that they will be right on the heels of the highly-anticipated Harley #1, is great for the fans. They have been one of our biggest supporters, and we cannot thank them enough,” said Phil Lawrence, Co-Founder and Sales Director.


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The 3rd Annual Costume Contest will include cash prizes and giveaways for an assortment of categories. The categories will include:

• Best in Show Award – $500 cash prize
• Best Group Presentation – $250 cash prize
• Best Skit Award – $250 cash prize
• Best Video Game Character Award – $250 cash prize
• Best Comic Book Character Award – merchandise prize
• Best Animation Character Award – merchandise prize

Participants will be judged by a committee of three judges including Jesse Snider (Judge on the SyFy Channel’s hit show Heroes of Cosplay), Aspen Comic’s Vince Hernandez (creator of the new Aspen comic titled Cosplay, Spring 2014 release), and Professional Cosplayer, Vampy Bit Me.

All contestants are encouraged to enter the contest both before and during the show. On-site entries will be available at Booth 50 on the exhibit floor. In addition to the Costume Contest, Long Beach will debut its Cosplay Corner, where fans will have the opportunity to meet and greet some of their favorite cosplayers, take pictures, and mingle with their favorite characters.

“I think this is really something great for the fans to enjoy. They will have a destination to greet some of their favorite cosplayers. In addition, we are excited that fans will have the opportunity to strut their stuff at the Costume Contest again this year. With cash and special giveaways for contestants, this promises to be our biggest one yet,” said Phil Lawrence, Co-Founder and Sales Director.

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