2013 Top Shelf Massive $3 Graphic Novel Sale

There are some FABULOUS deals to be had here on some great reads.

We’d recommend grabbing the March OGN (rated 5/5 here) for 50% off!!

TopShelf 20130904threedollarsale660_02 20130904threedollarsale660_03


For the next two weeks — through Friday, September 27th — Top Shelf is having their annual $3 web sale. When you visit their site, you’ll find 150+ critically acclaimed graphic novels and comics on sale — with over 100 titles marked down to just $3 & $1!

Each year Top Shelf uses this sale to help spread the word about their incredible new releases and raise funds to “kick start” a full rollout for next year. With your help, they’ll keep publishing some of the most beloved graphic novels on earth. Now’s your chance to support a great independent publisher and expand your graphic novel collection at the same time.

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