SDCC: ComiXology Sponsors nightly “The Pen and Drink” at TR!CKST3R during Comic-Con 2013


All artists are welcome to enjoy a drink while picking up the pen to draw an array of live models while listening to great tunes!

ComiXology co-founder to also give talk on “Digital Comics: Tips and Tricks”

July 10th, 2013 – New York, NY – ComiXology’s Meet Your Makers summer extravaganza continues with the announcement of comiXology’s sponsorship of the “The Pen and Drink” – where artists are welcome to enjoy a drink while picking up the pen to draw an array of live models while listening to great tunes during Comic-Con International 2013.

TR!CKST3R will be held at the East Village Tavern Bowl, located at 9th & Market in San Diego from July 17th to July 20th with “The Pen and Drink” happening every evening. ComiXology co-founder John D. Roberts will also be giving a talk during TR!CKST3R on Saturday, July 20th at 1-2pm on Digital Comics: Tips and Tricks.

“We certainly couldn’t do our Meet Your Makers summer event celebrating creators without partnering with TR!CKST3R,” said comiXology co-founder John D. Roberts, who also leads comiXology Submit, the self-publishing portal for indie creators. “In three short years TR!CKST3R has become a force to be reckoned with and we’re proud to able to support TR!CKST3R and all the great creators that make it happen.”

“It’s fantastic to have comiXology as a sponsor of this year’s TR!CKST3R,” said Anita Coulter, president of TR!CKST3R. “We were happy to see comiXology support creator-owned work with the debut of the comiXology Submit self-publisher portal this past spring and we’re doubly happy about their supporting creators and creator-owned work through this sponsorship and lecture at TR!CKST3R.”

Debuting in 2011, TR!CKST3R took the comic world by storm with their unique vision of a pop-up store with merchandise and events all supporting and promoting creator-owned work. Considered one of the top “places-to-be” during Comic-Con International, TR!CKST3R rapidly spawned it’s own brick and mortar store during their second year of existence. The permanent TR!CKST3R store can be found at 2631 Ashby Ave, Suite A, in Berkeley, California.

As part of their commitment to creators, this past March comiXology debuted comiXology Submit, an easy to use self-publishing portal that enables independent comic book creators to reach comiXology’s global audience of comic fans.

ComiXology’s sponsorship of the TR!CKST3R is just one part of comiXology’s summer long Meet Your Makers event celebrating comic creators and the creation of comics.

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