More Cheesecake: Eric Basaldua’s Unofficial Website Updated After Six Months


Originally started out as a fansite, quickly became the largest fansite and database with artwork from artist Eric Basaldua.

From his early career at Top Cow, his prints, his covers for Zenescope, Jaycompany and recently for Big Dog Ink’s new fantasy genre-spanning Shaharazad and the provocative covers for Marat Mychael’s Notti & Nyce as well as the newest Aspen Comics covers; they are all there in full penciled glory as well as their coloured glory, by the best colorists in the comic book business.

There is even a special section for his sketches, as well as his commissions, in nicely themed sections.

Over 70 images have been used to update with, this month alone.

Totalling near 2000 images (wallpapers, covers, prints, sketches, fan-colors, fan-inked, convention photographs) is still going strong.

Eric Basaldua’s art has quickly become fan-favorite because of his “Go Ass” attire, but also because the fact that Ebas himself is a strong personality at conventions, with also a wide variety of female fans who feel the respect of the artist for the ‘better’ part of human society.

The is opening up his site for advertisers to get back some of the costs of maintaining the website.

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