Hero Happy Hour Returns from Arcana with “On the Rocks” in August, 2013


Arcana Comics is releasing the second volume of Hero Happy Hour, On the Rocks in August, 2013 – An all-new original graphic novel set in the world from Dan Taylor and Chris Fason. Available for Pre-Order NOW in Diamond Previews’ June issue (DIAMOND CODE JUN130753), Hero Happy Hour: On the Rocks, Rusty the bartender serves up specials for his super heroic regulars.

In a recent conversation with the writer, Dan Taylor, he explained the history of the title, as well as its journey in the comic book industry, starting with its humble web comic roots through online success and beyond.

HERO HAPPY HOUR’s ‘super’ auspicious beginning began over twelve years ago when writer Dan Taylor and artist Chris Fason met online and both shared a desire to create and publish their first comic book. SUPER HERO HAPPY HOUR was a self-published surprise from GeekPunk and was a fan-favorite with its askew look at super hero archetypes that spend their time hanging out at the Hideout Bar & Grill talking shop after a long day of defending justice and battling evil. Not even a title change — the dropping of ‘SUPER’ so as not to threaten the ‘World’s Greatest’ and/or ‘Mighty’ comic book publishers — could shutter the Hideout Bar & Grill. HERO HAPPY HOUR continued just as ‘super’ as before with additional issues published by GeekPunk, appearances in various comic anthologies, and a ‘Super Deluxe’ edition published by IDW. HERO HAPPY HOUR is also being served as a webcomic featuring all-new story-arcs and classic ‘episodes’ at HeroHappyHour.com.

ON THE ROCKS is the first non webcomic publication of HERO HAPPY HOUR in seven years, and published in full-color for the first time. The all-new 80-page story once again focuses on the superhero-centric Hideout Bar & Grill run by Rusty the bartender as he serves up specials for his super heroic clientele of regulars. Happy hour for Guardian, Night Ranger, Scout, Psiren, and the rest of the heroes of First City is shaken when a new dilemma stirs up trouble, and the heroes begin to drop like flies. Is it a new threat slipping a ‘mickey’ to the patrons of the Hideout? Or, has a an old foe returned for another round to declare ‘last call’ for Hero Happy Hour?
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