DC Ups the Ante with Cover Gimmick to End All Cover Gimmicks – 3D Covers on Sept Books

BatmanRobin23.1 Superman23.1

DC made an announcement about their September offerings that is burning up the comics internet.

In September DC Comics will be celebrating 2 years of their “New 52” relaunch with a month of comics focusing on the key villains in each title. Each issue will be numbered as a “Point 1” issue and the villain name will strike out the hero name in the normal logo.

Since Batman is so popular and has so many villains, he will be getting 4 of these in his main title, Batman #23.1, 23.2, 23.3, 23.4 featuring Joker, Riddler, Penguin, and Bane. Other Batman villains will be featured in the other Batman titles; Poison Ivy in Detective #23.1, Two-Face in Batman & Robin #23.1, Ventriloquist in Dark Knight #23.1

More interesting is the fact that these point 1 issues will all feature lenticular “3D Motion” covers and be priced at $3.99 each (instead of the normal $2.99), though books normally priced at $3.99, like Batman, Action Comics and Justice League, will remain at the $3.99 price point.

Detective23.1 JusticeLeague23.1

Comic fans have a history of being susceptible to flashy cover gimmicks, especially ones that have a high “coolness factor” and these covers certainly look like they are going to be cool.

DC had great success with the New52 relaunch 2 years, unseating rival Marvel Comics as #1 on the sales charts for several months before losing the #1 position and seeing sales slip ever since.  These are visually dynamic covers and these books will certainly stand out on the racks compared to the other books.  Comics fans will no doubt be compelled to pick them up and have a look, it will be the quality of the stories/art inside that will get them to come back.

DC has a great opportunity to have their books in the hands of a lot of new & returning readers thanks to this plan for September, hopefully they will be able to capitalize on it and keep a decent number of the increased readership that will come along with it.

It will be interesting to see what Marvel Comics does in reaction to this.  I’m guessing it won’t be long before we see these kinds of covers on Marvel comics as well.

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