Jack Katz’ First Kingdom comes back into print from Titan Comics in September!!

The First In A Series Of Epic Fantasy Post-Apocalyptic Graphic Novels – 25 Years In The Making!

First Kingdom Vol 1 cover

“One of the most awesome undertakings in modern
comic book history.” – Will Eisner, creator of The Spirit

An unforgettable epic, the work of a lifetime, is finally collected in an ultimate, six-part library!

Visionary. Maverick. Rebel. Master storyteller. Iconoclast. Genius. Jack Katz has been called all of these things since he began his illustrated magnum opus in 1974, creating a tale that follows in the vein of a futuristic, post-civilization The Odyssey or The Iliad!

Now, exclusively from Titan Comics, comes this long-lost treasure from a golden age in comics creation – as it’s never been seen before. Remastered and packed with exclusive features, this sumptuous volume collects the first part of a tale for which the term ‘epic’ was invented!

After nuclear armageddon devastates the Earth, the survivors become playthings of resurgent ‘gods’. As civilisations rise and fall, as loves and lives are lost, the future of humanity will be won by uncovering the secrets of the past.


The First Kingdom is presented here in a complete collectors’ library for the first time, replete with cleaned and restored art taken from high-resolution scans of the original art pages, and completely relettered throughout.

Comprising six volumes in total, each book also includes features on the history of the strip, as well as all-new introductions by Jack Katz and his many industry fans!

Writer/Artist: Jack Katz
Vol. 1 of 6 •  $24.99 • M • 208pp • H

Writer(s): Jack Katz
Artist Name(s): Jack Katz
Format: Hardcover Collection
Page Count: 208pp
Full Color, B&W, or partial color: B&W
Retail Price: $24.99
Street Date: September 24, 2013

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