The Conclusion to the Original “Justice-For-Hire” MMA Action Series!


The Conclusion to the Online Debut of the Original “Justice-For-Hire” Footage!

Creative Impulse Ent. releases the finale in a series of short action sequences from the original “Justice-For-Hire” featurette in high definition.

“JFH” co-creator, Jan Lucanus, comments, “The original JFH footage not only acted as my senior thesis film at NYU, but it was the flagship upon which our company sailed into several partnerships that remain to this day, in addition to garnering accolades, awards, and serving as the foundation for our roster of comic book properties. What we’re preparing to announce in the coming weeks will be even more awesome for JFH fans, so stay tuned!”

Shot on Super 16mm film and transferred to high definition for this release, the original “Justice-For-Hire” was made possible in part by sponsorship from Kodak Company and Sean John Clothing among other notable brands. A link to the latest video is below:

– The Original “Justice-For-Hire” – Photo Studio Fight Scene.

Get the acclaimed “JFH: Justice-For-Hire” mixed martial arts digital comics here.


JFH: JUSTICE-FOR-HIRE ® is a series of mixed martial arts comic books, films, animations, and videos centered around a family of heroes: the legendary fathers who started as vigilantes and the wild card sons who have turned the family business into a legalized empire of heroics for hire.
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