Days Missing Volume 3: Enox concludes the saga of The Steward


Arcana Comics and Roddenberry Entertainment are excited to announce Days Missing Volume 3: Enox and the ALL-NEW original graphic novel, Worth, will be hitting shelves THIS JULY.

WRITTEN BY: Phil Hester
ART BY: Felipe Watanabe
COVER BY: Dale Keown
PRICE: $24.95
DESCRIPTION: Roddenberry Entertainment and Arcana proudly presents the earth-shattering finale to the DAYS MISSING saga!

Days Missing: Enox concludes the saga of The Steward, a mysterious being whose ability to “fold” days of time has resulted in critical human events being absent from our historical record. Their existence is not remembered…but the occurrences of these days have forever changed the course of our evolution. Since humanity’s birth, The Steward has stood as a guiding force for our species.

Alone for centuries, The Steward forges a tumultuous relationship with Kestus, an immortal woman born of the big bang. Kestus can recall everything. The totality of time is part of her very consciousness, and Kestus has never forgotten the brutality man has inflicted on himself. Eventually The Steward convinces Kestus that humanity has the potential to transcend their faults and limitations… So when the entire universe begins to vanish, Kestus sacrifices herself inside the Large Hadron Collider, creating a new big bang, which reboots the entire universe. The Steward has lost the only woman he’s ever loved, but his beloved mankind is saved.

The Steward retreats to his library, where he’s confronted by Enox, a malevolent being born of Kestus’ sacrifice who possesses the combined powers of both The Steward and Kestus…

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