Wayward Raven Announces Free Comic Book Weekend!

Free comic book day? Try nationwide free comic book weekend!!!!

At Wayward Raven Media, we believe that one day simply isn’t enough to enjoy free comics. That’s why we are giving away one of our flagship books The Ascendant issue #1 for free digitally from Friday 5/3 at noon until Monday 5/6 at noon!

The Ascendant has demons, an ancient conjurer, and epic battles in Rome including one at the Coliseum itself. The story follows a Duke of Hell named Cail who has changed his ways and gone on a crusade to vanquish the evil he once let slip upon the mortal realm. Demons, both personal and real, stand in the way of his redemption as a great threat stirs in the fiery pit.

You can get a digital copy of The Ascendant #1 all weekend long! Download it here http://waywardraven.com/free-comic-book-day/. The Ascendant #2 is now available through the Wayward Raven Media website along with other comics, prose and the webcomic Damn Heroes. Ars longa, vitae brevis

Wayward Raven Media, Soaring on the winds of imagination…

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