Fort Wayne, IN – In just under a month, Fort Wayne, Indiana will host its fourth consecutive comic book convention: Appleseed Comics & Art Convention. The convention is being held from 10 AM to 6 PM on May 11 at Grand Wayne Center. In years past, Fort Wayne comic book conventions have hosted hundreds of comic book artists and writers, and the 2013 Appleseed show has a guest list that has reached over one hundred creators. With related comic book workshops at the Allen County Public Library, the regional event is one that is welcome to comic book fans of all ages and was created to celebrate comic books and the comics community.

Early announcements for the 2013 guest list boast creators like Mike Norton (Spider-Man, Young Justice, Battlepug, Revival), Tom Scioli (Captain America, Godland, American Barbarian), Dave Wachter (Godzilla), Lora Innes (The Dreamer), and Paul Hornschemeir (Mother, Come Home; Life With Mr. Dangerous; Forlorn Funnies).  “I’m always so humbled by the talent on our guest list,” says Zack Kruse, the convention’s founder and organizer, “there are so many talented people that come out to this show.” Kruse says that the show is driven by the work of these creators. “This convention is purely comics and art—everything from the most independently minded work to the very mainstream. We have artists and writers from just about every level of the industry. We have creators who are doing work at Marvel and DC, independent creators, creators who work on licensed properties [such as Star Wars and Disney characters], and Eisner Award winners and nominees. Just having them here is incredibly rewarding.”

From a quick stop at your local library to a glance at the summer movie release list to AMC’s The Walking Dead, it is impossible to deny the impact of comic books and comic book culture on popular forms of entertainment—comics are even gaining momentum in scholarly circles. There’s much more to comic books than the capes and cowls says Kruse. “The notion that comics are just for kids, or that they’re not a legitimate medium is really a relic of a bygone era. Comics are for everyone. If you like to be entertained, or have an appreciation for art or literature, then there is a comic out there for you. It doesn’t matter who you are—your age, your gender, your background, none of that matters. If you like crime drama, horror, fantasy, video games, love stories, comedies, sci-fi, historical fiction, science, food, superheroes or whatever, there is a comic about it.”

Kruse went on to say that it is the personal nature of the show that makes it so much fun to attend. “Comics are my passion, and this convention was born out of not just a love for the medium, but for the community that has arisen from it.” It’s precisely the community aspect that Kruse thinks is the greatest strength of the convention. “I want people to come out and experience what I love about comics and what has made them so important to me and countless other fans. If people come to Appleseed and leave feeling even a little bit of the excitement I have, then the show was a success.”

“Fort Wayne is a great city,” Kruse concludes. “We have some really cool events that are happening at the library just before the show, and the community has been really supportive of this event. Honestly, I’m just glad to be a part of it of city like this. We’re so lucky to have the youthful entrepreneurs that we do, and we’re lucky to have such an amazing arts and geek community.”

Sponsored by 3 Rivers Federal Credit Union, Appleseed Comics and Art Convention is being held at the Grand Wayne Center in downtown Fort Wayne. Admission to the event is $10.00; children 12 and under will be admitted for free with a paid adult admission. Tickets are available at the door. On May 8, the Allen County Public Library is hosting an event for kids called “Kids and Comics!” at 6:00 PM, and on May 9, 6:00 PM, they are hosting an event for adults titled, “Reading Comics is OK: A Quick Guide for Grown-ups!

More information regarding the convention, guest list and ticket pre-orders may be found at Advance ticket purchasers will receive an exclusive print from artist Dave Wachter.

Zack Kruse
Founder & Organizer
Appleseed Comics and Art Convention

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