February 27, 2013 – Alterna Comics announced today that the first issue of its new digital comic book mini-series, HOODLUM, is now available. In a world where demons have all the power and humans are second-class citizens, only a young girl has the courage to stand up to the city’s ruling class.

“This is a story about rebellion, about standing up for basic human rights, for decency and dignity,” says Hilary Goldstein, creator of HOODLUM. “It just also happens to be a book about demons that use magic to fight humans that have pointy sticks.”

Riley Brennan steals magic from rich demons and gives it to poor humans. With the help of her mechanized ape-like guardian, John, and the demon priest Arnillius, Riley will square off against Regent Steig and his demon army with the fate of the human race in the balance. This daring new series in which humans are the boogeymen for demons was created and written by IGN Comics founder Hilary Goldstein with art by John Toledo (Blacklight, Grimm Fairy Tales).

Alterna publisher Peter Simeti has been expanding their digital lineup at an ever-increasing pace and believes that HOODLUM is one of 2013’s key releases:  “I’m very excited about adding HOODLUM to the Alterna digital catalog.  It’s got fantastic artwork and a great story that puts a futuristic and supernatural spin on an old tale.  I really believe that it has an opportunity to be a runaway success at Alterna.”

HOODLUM is available now on Comixology and other digital storefronts for $1.99.

For more information on HOODLUM, please visit: http://www.hoodlumcomic.com

Fans can join the Hoodlum Army at https://www.facebook.com/hoodlumcomic

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