Devil’s Due Entertainment is bringing back one of its most popular original characters with Josh Blaylock’s whiskey swilling, bar fighting, angel hunting devil girl, Mercy Sparx. The long shelved series starring heaven’s secret undercover weapon is starting with a Kickstarter campaign (launched today), which will kick off an ongoing series to be released to comic shops nationwide this Summer.

“When I announced the company relaunch last year, MERCY SPARX was at the top of the lips of countless people I spoke to, be they fans, interviewers, or retailers,” says Josh Blaylock. “It’s serendipitous when the project people are most demanding from you is also the one you have the most fun writing, which is definitely how I feel about Mercy.”

Matt Merhoff returns as series artist, featuring covers by Dominic Marco, Elizabeth Torque, Dan Leister, Arne Ratemis and Josh Blaylock. The first issue will weigh in at a hefty 44 pages and include the preview published in 2009’s Free Comic Book Day Release, Mercy Sparx: Under New Management ensuring fans getting the story they’ve been waiting for.

The return of Mercy Sparx follows the relaunch of Devil’s Due in 2012, and the slow yet successful roll-out of graphic novel and soundtrack: Yumiko: Curse of the Merch Girl, the comic series Plume, and the non-fiction book How to Self-Publish Comics: Not Just Create Them updated edition.

“After laying the foundation for Mercy’s story, we can’t wait to dive into the various layers of Heaven, Hell and everything in between, says Blaylock. “I’m throwing some really intense scenes at Matt and he’s knocking them out of the park with a couple of issues already drawn and in the pipeline.”

Back Issues and print collections can be found on the Devil’s Due website at:

Blaylock and Merhoff have a goal of $17,000 set to cover the first three issues of production and printing, rewards, and attracting top talent cover art, after which Devil’s Due will take the reigns of distribution of the print product into stores.


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